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Food & delights: Six featured agricultural industries jointly contribute to the colorful and attractive featured products of Huidong

County – special food with Sichuan-Yunnan features. Feast combining features of the Yi and Han nationalities is admired by friends and guests from afar. There are four major delicacies: (1) Truffles. Honored as “black diamonds” in Europe and Americ a, truffles are the masterwork among wild mushrooms. Huidong County has the largest truffle production area in the world, which has been included by the Guinness World Records. In January 2014, Huidong Truffle passed the identification of China’s product of geographical indications. (2) Pine nuts. Huidong County has 600,000 mu of pine nut production area, with annual pine nut output up to 2,000 tons. In 2011, “Huidong pine nut” passed the identifications of “organic product” and “China’s protected product of geographical indications” successively. (3) Black goat. ” Fed on eco-grass and spring water”, the meat of Huidong black goat is a kind of green and ecological delicacy; it is a real nuisanceless green food. In August 2012, Huidong black goat is identi fied as an agricultural product of geographical indications by MOA (The Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China). (4) Oat wine. Oat wine has a long history in Huidong County. It is made from natural oat produced in high and cold Yi district with traditional brewing technique of the Yi people. Huidong oat wine is known as “a wine whose aroma could spread thirty miles” by its savoury and mellow taste and high quality. In addition, foods like wild mushroom, Gaji preserved egg, Gaji pickled chili, Jiangzhou rice roll and braised pork in crock also attract people from many places.